Film Synopsis

2.4 Peter in China halfFour teenagers from Washington DC are given the opportunity to go to China on a summer study program for disadvantaged inner-city kids.

For two of them, this is their second study trip to China, but for the other two students, this is their first time away from home and the prospect of the trip provokes a mix of excitement and anxiety for them and their families.

The film follows them on their journey to China as they experience a completely different culture and learn how to interact with the other students on the trip.

Back in DC a year later, we see how the trip to China has given them fresh perspective as they consider college and other steps in their journey to adulthood.

Our final glimpse of the kids is more than 3 years after the trip where we catch up with where they are now and see some of them return to Beijing for a benefit concert featuring and John Legend.

Beyond the Wall gives voice to these four inspirational and often funny teenagers as they strive to overcome the limitations of their home circumstances to reach for a meaningful future.


        Jeffrey Wood
Hero J

       Juanique O’Neill
Hero Q
       Peter Mambwe
Hero P
       Royelle Jones
Hero R

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