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Dandelion School

One of the most inspiring sequences in the film follows Peter, Juanique, Royelle and Jeffrey as they volunteer at the Dandelion School for Migrant Children in southern Beijing.   These children fall outside the system as their parents cannot get the necessary paperwork to be official residents of Beijing.   Founded by Dr Zheng Hong and funded by donations, the Dandelion School helps to provide an education to children whose parents could otherwise not afford to send them to school.    Visit their website to find out more about the school or make a donation.

DC Center Global Education & Leadership (CGEL)

Founded by Sally Schwartz, CGEL is a non-profit organization which works with 100,000 Strong Foundation and with APSA to help DC public high school students take advantage of opportunities to study abroad.

For the APSA program, CGEL works with counselors and teachers to identify students who could benefit from the fully-funded program. Sally mentors the selected students and helps prepare them for the trip which can include anything from providing assistance in getting a passport, answering parents questions and providing practical information about what to expect when they get there.

Sally continues to stay in touch with students after their return and is still in contact with Jeffrey, Peter, Juanique and Royelle more than 4 years after their trip to China.   You can volunteer or make a donation to CGEL via their website.

100,000 Strong Foundation

The 100,000 Strong Foundation began as an initiative by President Obama to deepen Americans’ understanding of China through study abroad.  100,000 Strong supported APSA in the awareness-raising Booey Lehoo concert with and John Legend which was held in December 2011 in Beijing and is working on increasing the number of US students studying in China at Chinese universities or via programs like the APSA summer study program.

Other Links

Project Pengyou:  a global community of people with first-hand China Experience Foundation:’s non-profit organization to TRANS4M lives through education, inspiration and opportunity. now sends students from LA’s Boyle Heights to participate in the APSA summer study program in China.

Show Me Campaign: Founded by John Legend, the Show Me Campaign is a non-profit organization which fights for education reform in the US.

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