First London Preview Screening

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Our first preview screening in London took place yesterday at the Soho Screening Rooms with a packed audience of TV industry executives, friends and filmmakers.

The film generated much laughter and a few tears and was followed by a lively Q&A session with Alison and Duncan Clark, the producers.  There was  a lot of interest in the APSA program (and questions why the UK doesn’t have a similar program for its inner-city kids).  Also, many questions about what is happening now with Peter, Juanique, Jeffrey and Juanique.

It’s good to see that the film resonates with audiences outside of the US and that the story of the kids and their life-changing experience transcends national borders.

First Preview Screening in Beijing

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Our first preview screening was held last night at the Lumiere Parkview Cinema in Beijing where a wonderful mix of journalists, filmmakers and friends gave the film an enthusiastic reception.

The international background of the filmmakers was reflected in the mixed nationalities of the guests who included the UK Ambassador, Sebastian Wood, and Mona Locke, wife of the US Ambassador.